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Eine Liste der Control Panel und Konfig Tools die für den Betrieb von Win 2008 Core verwendet werden können.


Here is an overview of key commands and utilities you’ll use for managing server core installations while logged on locally
Control desk.cpl View or set display settings.
Control intl.cpl View or set regional and language options, including formats and the keyboard layout.
Control sysdm.cpl View or set system properties.
Control timedate.cpl View or set the date, time, and time zone.
Cscript slmgr.vbs –ato Activate the operating system.
DiskRaid.exe Configure software RAID.
ipconfig /all List information about the computer’s IP address configuration.
NetDom RenameComputer Set the server’s name and domain membership.
OCList.exe List roles, role services, and features.
OCSetup.exe Add or remove roles, role services, and features.
PNPUtil.exe Install or update hardware device drivers.
Sc query type=driver List installed device drivers.
Scregedit.wsf Configure the operating system. Use the /cli parameter to list available configuration areas.
ServerWerOptin.exe Configure Windows Error Reporting.
SystemInfo List the system configuration details.
WEVUtil.exe View and search event logs.
Wmic datafile where name=“FullFilePath” get version List a file’s version.
Wmic nicconfig index=9 call enabledhcp Set the computer to use dynamic IP addressing rather than static IP addressing.
Wmic nicconfig index=9 call enablestatic(“IPAddress”), (“SubnetMask”) Set a computer’s static IP address and network mask.
Wmic nicconfig index=9 call setgateways(“GatewayIPAddress”) Set or change the default gateway.
Wmic product get name /value “ List installed MSI applications by name.
Wmic product where name=“Name” call uninstall Uninstall an MSI application.
Wmic qfe list List installed updates and hotfixes.
Wusa.exe PatchName.msu /quiet Apply an update or hotfix to the operating system.



Quelle: https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/magazine/dd630943.aspx


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